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Yoga Nava Boat

Our Story

Istvan Pono was inspired to create the Yoga Nava boat after practicing yoga on the beach. The ocean carried him to a place he had never been before in his practice. That's where he was inspired to find a way to bring yogis and nature together so that the practice could expand as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.

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mermaid open arms
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Yoga Nava Boat Crew

Captains and Instructors

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Istvan Pono

Owner, Captain, Yoga Instructor

From Hungary, Istvan brings to you a practice inspired by over 20 years of professional ballet instruction, a cumulative 600 hour yoga certification from Alyson Foreacre, Jared McCann and Gokulacandra as well as hundreds of hours attending workshops from professional yogis. 
He carries a 25 Ton Captain's license.


Berta Pono

Yoga Instructor

Berta Pono received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate in 2016 from Yoga Den in Jacksonville, FL. Her passion for yoga as a healing modality focuses on the harmonizing of body, breath and mind. She includes in her instruction, aspects from a variety of Hatha styles she has practiced throughout the years including Bikram, Katonah yoga and Jared McCann Vinyasa. Berta is your guide to cultivating inner strength.


Mo Morrow

Captain, Yoga Instructor

From California, with a 50 Ton Captain's license and a 200 RYT certification from Yoga Den, Mo brings to you, her passion for being on the water and yoga. Mo aims to share the teachings she has learned as a sailor and as a student and practitioner of yoga for the past 10 years. Designed to flow, her Vinyasa practice and guided meditations allow for the mind to quiet and for a returning home of the body.

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